Many of you may want to find out more about me. Where do I live, what is my real name? Can we meet for a dinner? Where can you find more information about my services?

Let me clarify this point from the very first posts. I realize independants often use blogging as a way of hidden advertising. You read theirhot blog, you get turned on, and you fall for it! So you contact escort to get your piece of her pussy..
I am not here to condemn other providers. They simply are women doing their best to attract new clients.
This blog is not for promotional purposes. I write what I write without any intention to seduce or solicite you. So, basically, I have no reasons to expect to be contacted from this site in my real life.
I would prefer my potential clients and other escorts to not have any opportunity to interfere with my off-line life and be absolutely honest in my thoughts, ideas and opinions here. Discretion will help me to be more open and honest with you.
I will never put at risk the confidentiality of my clients or offline colleagues by making public identifiable details nor will I divulge personal information I have about you, the visitors of this site.
Please treat me in the same manner and don’t try to find out who I am, discuss online who you suppose I am or otherwise force me to have to hide the truth from my readers or stop my blog.